Can I pay for more than one session at a time?

Yes, if you wish to pay for a block of sessions in advance please speak to a member of staff. However this is not complusory as our sessions are pay weekly.

Can I stay with my child?

Unfortunately parents are not permitted to stay with students. All of our sessions run with a drop off and collection policy, including a studens first lesson. Should a child become unsettled parents will be contacted immediately.

I have an appoinment and will need to drop my child off an hour early. Is this possible?

Yes, if students need to be brought to session early please inform us asap. There may be an extra charge if over a certain amount of time so please ask a staff member for details

I have a child in the younger class and a child in the older class, who are both going to do the all day package. Can I drop them off at the same time to save me coming back and fourth?

Yes, that won't be a problem, there will however be a small charge for your older child attending an hour early. Older children are able to sit aside and wait for their class to begin  whilst the younger has their session. We encourage the older sibling to bring a book or something to do at this time

I havent had time to make my child a lunch, are they able to go to the shop to get something?

We prefer that all students bring their lunches/snack to session with them. However we understand things happen, so students are permitted to go to the local convienience store across the road. However this is only permitted to those in the older session and most importantly those that have provided written permisson from parents/carers. If a lunch has been forgotten for a member of our younger group we will contact you and ask for a lunch to be brought to session asap.

I completed a student data form last year, do I really need to do another this year?

Yes, our student data forms are required to be completed each year. It is extremley important that we have these forms and they will need to be updated  yearly.

Do I need to book before I attend a session?

If you have a child that you wish to join we ask that we are contacted as we will require some information before they can attend.

My child attends classes but has a friend staying, can their friend come along?

Yes, your childs friend can come along with them,. They will need to pay for a session as normal and we will need contact information for them and to be made aware of any medical issues.

Can my child bring their mobile phone or toys to session?

Students can bring their toys or phones to session but they are only to be used during breaks and they are brought in at their own risk. We will not take any responsibility for any damage or loss to items brought in by a student